Welcome to our web page.

PERSPECTIV is an architectural and design company, founded and directed by the architect Mounzer Akhdar for over twenty years. PERSPECTIV encompasses a multidisciplinary professional team of architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects… etc.

Since its foundation, our company covers the areas of architecture, interior designs, architectural fairs and design of stands; carrying out multiple projects both at the national and international levels.

Our eagerness to achieve excellence in our work compels us to rigorously fulfill the demands of our customers while paying attention to the finest detail from the beginning until the completion of every project. Our dedication to quality ensures the distinction of our projects in a constantly changing and evolving architectural world.

From the direction of PERSPECTIV we are dedicated to satisfy the needs and aspirations of our clients and to surmount ourselves in every single project to ensure the progress and sustainability of architecture.


                                                              Phd in Architecture

General Director